Saturday, 19 May 2012

Brimfield Antique Show - Where to Stay...

Brimfield, always takes place on the second Tuesday of May, July and September of every year.  To be sure that we wouldn't be too exhausted to walk the show, after a long drive, we headed onto the open road the Monday before.  For those who are new to this experience, beware that there are only a handful of B&B's locally and they are always booked well in advance.  I wasn't sure I'd be able to make it and so, I booked at the very last minute.  I don't recommend this.  We were very lucky.  At the last minute,  we took the place of an unexpected cancellation.  I will add that I was persistent (as well as desperate) and kept emailing in hopes of filling in for a cancellation.  All of the B&B owners/managers were so incredibly kind and responded promptly.  So, rule number 1 is book your accommodations well in advance.  Brimfield receives visitors from all over the world and May is the very first show of the year, so it's also one of the busiest.  

Rachel & I stayed at the lovely Heritage Hill B&B run by owners Ron & Ginger Seaburg.  It was our first time ever staying at a B&B and a truly wonderful experience.   A B&B's is small size allows your experience to be more intimate and it's a great opportunity to meet other show visitors.  Ron & Ginger were fantastic hosts and took good care of us.  Breakfast was served every morning at 8am, so it was a good chance to sit down and chat with them as well as the other guests.  During our visit, we met the Grant/Bazzani family which included their adorable 3 year old, Grey and 2 week old Kyr.  Both kids were absolutely darling and a pleasure to stay with.  For us, it was a great opportunity to talk to two fantastic artists (Thea & Nico - proud parents) and their parents (Land & Renee - the grandparents) and get their insight on the show.  

We found these two websites helpful: 

Map & directions to Heritage Hill Bed & Breakfast
Map of Heritage Hill B&B location

Heritage Hill Bed & Breakfast Photo
Heritage Hill Bed & Breakfast: Our room at Heritage Hill

Heritage Hill Bed & Breakfast
Morgan Room (our room)
Photos via TripAdvisor

For further information on Heritage Hill B&B see the link below:

or contact:Ron & Ginger SeaburgHeritage Hill B & B110 East Brimfield RoadHolland, MA 01521(413) 245-4141

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