Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Project "sofa"

During the summer I took a weekend upholstery course and have now finally decided to take a stab at my first solo challenge...a sofa!  Here are the photos of my endeavour...

BEFORE (without the 3 seat cushions - duh!)
Original sofa with great bones but really ugly fabric - it was sold by students graduating and moving out of their rental
Biggest job was removing all the staples and original fabric - it took about 21/2 days on and off the job 
Adding new batting.  At this point, we decide to simplify the job and keep the lines simple.  No tufting on this project.
So far, the bottom is done and I'm working on the seat back.  I pull back the foam and batting on arms to work on it.
Almost done!  I decide to do 1 large seat cushion rather than the 3 in the original version.
The only thing left to do, is work on the trim to camouflage the staples and  clean up the wood.
We love the final contemporary look.

You will notice that during this process the wall colour has changed.  This house is a rental house for 4 university students, one of which is my daughter, Rachel.  While I was working on the sofa, the house was being repaired and painted.  Rachel and her 3 housemates will be enjoying the sofa in their new home.  Lucky gals!

Tools for this project included:  air compressor, pneumatic stapler, staple remover tool, gloves, goggles, needle nose pliers, fabric scissors, sewing machine, upholstering thread, batting, needle, batting, desired fabric (in our case, velvet)

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