Thursday, 31 May 2012

My Letter "L" Brimfield Find

One of my small purchases at Brimfield was a plastic letter L.  It was an end of the day find and really just a fluke.  How could I walk away from was only $10.  I decided that once I got it home, I would give it a wash and spray it with a nice coat of shiny gold paint.    It would be a cute wall detail or table decor.  Here's how it went...

For those who are interested...this is what I used.  Although, the picture on the bottle shows a high gloss, reflective finish, my letter ended up not being as reflective, but rather more matte in finish.  I'm guessing it's due to the material of the letter...its a plastic material with a matte texture.

Step 1:  wash letter clean of debris
Step 2:  make a spray booth with cardboard box & plastic
Step 3:  spray in sections with light coats and repeat
Step 4:  dry between sprays
Step 5:  if areas need to be smoothed out, sand, clean, spray
Step 6:  dry
Voila...finished product!

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