Monday, 21 May 2012

My Brimfield Finds

Not knowing what to expect, I ended up purchasing a few pieces of fun vintage costume jewelry pieces.  Brimfield was filled with vendors offering a huge assortment of beautiful costume pieces from a bygone era.  This was totally unexpected to me and I had to reign myself in from purchasing everything in sight.  I have always wanted to add a little sparkle and detail to my simple shift dresses...can't wait to try them out!

a - d:  Assorted vintage costume jewelry (vendor:  Cherished Treasures by Marcia Chaloux
203-426-3856/ e & h:  Letters R & L (vendor:  sorry, don't 
have vendor info) f:  Skull bracelets in ivory & turquoise (sorry, don't have vendor info)  
g: Vintage tablecloth (vendor:  Dusty's Vintage 413-237-4467/

We ended up purchasing things that we didn't expect.  Rachel is going to frame her vintage tablecloth for her new place.  I plan to use all the initials we've collected and put together a collage.  Originally, I had planned on furniture pieces, but I found the prices a little too high.  I may try again in July.  Brimfield seem to have an abundance of vintage patio furniture.  I will show you our projects when they're completed!

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